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Dilution Chart
for Essential Oils

At Hijau Philosophy, we have always advocated for the proper usage of essential oils. It is important to understand that essential oils are concentrate plant matter. This potency can potentially cause skin irritations or sensitization and in extreme situations, adverse skin reactions.

Diluting your essential oils prior to skin application is good practice. It also allows for the oils to be dispersed effectively as skin responds well to less concentrated EOs. Other benefits includes being able to distribute the oils over a larger skin surface area as essential oils are volatile and evaporate easily upon contact with air.

Aromatherapy safety guidelines exist to minimize risk. However this does not mean that every time an undiluted essential oil is used means that there will be an adverse reaction. Most times it will not but minimizing risk is generally a good idea. With essential oils, less is more. 

As a general guide for skin/personal care, a maximum dilution of 5% of essential oils would be safest for most essential oil type. Dilution potency depends on the needs of the individual. If unsure always start with the lowest dilution and increase EO concentration based on desired results. 

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