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The power trio to ease breathing difficulties and congestion. Have the flexibility of using the essential oils singularly or in a combination of two or three oils.



Breathe Easy Blend *Bestseller : Helps bring relief to stuffed noses and nasal congestion especially due to sinus. Helps lessen drippy/runny noses and makes breathing more comfortable and manageable. Effective in alleviating pressure, tension and pain that occurs from sinus headaches and migraines. Useful as well as a respiratory aid for flu and colds.


Eucalyptus Globulus (Organic) : Eucalyptus globulus also known as, "blue gum", is a popular essential oil for its antibacterial and antiviral properties that provides breath support. Effective against coughs and colds. Also aids breathing discomforts, headaches and migraines. Equally good as an insect repellent,deodorizer and cleaner. Blend with peppermint or lavender oils for an instant pick-me-up or for tired,strained muscles.


Ravintsara (Organic) : An invigorating oil that helps with mental clarity and brain fog. Rich in 1.8 cineole, ravintsara is a good choice for the flu and other respiratory issues. Helps bring relief to headaches. Also useful for keeping skin clear and healthy looking. Ravintsara is not to be confused with “ravensara oil.”

Breathe Trio Set

RM 217.00 Harga Biasa
RM 173.60Harga Jualan
  • Breathe Easy Blend (10ml)

    Ingredients:  Sweet Basil (O. Basilicum Americanum), Pine (Pinus Sylvestris), *Rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Lavender French (Lavendula dentata), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Spearmint (Mentha spicata), *Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), *Oregano (Origanum Vulgare) *organic

    Scent: Refreshing yet soothing minty scent with low herbaceous, balsamic notes


    Eucalyptus globulus *Organic (15ml)

    Ingredient: Eucalyptus globulus

    Scent: Refreshing and strong, herbaceous, camphorous with slight woody undertones. Colourless


    Ravintsara *Organic (10ml)

    Ingredient: Cinnamomum camphora

    Scent: Fresh and crisp, clean scent with strong minty, eucalyptus-like notes


    Method of Usage: Apply a drop or 2 directly onto a piece of tissue and inhale deeply (repeat until you feel relief) or through steam inhalation. Alternatively, diffuse (2-3 drops per 100ml water) accordingly. Massage using a base oil/cream around the neck, behind and in front of ears, over the cheekbone, nose and forehead.

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