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Elevate your beauty rest today with Hijau Philosophy’s Deep Sleep Silky Set. 


The star of the set is our bestselling aromatherapy sleep blend - Deep Sleep.


If you're struggling with anxiety, stress, or an overactive mind when trying to sleep, Deep Sleep Blend may be the answer. This meticulously crafted blend of oils has helped 8 out of 10 first-time users experience immediate improvement in the quality of their sleep. The Deep Sleep Blend has been known to effectively induce sleep, relieve stress, and promote calmness both physically and mentally. If you're someone struggling with insomnia or sleeping difficulties, we highly recommend giving it a try.


The sleep eye mask is made from the finest 100% Mulberry silk, designed to be double-sided, and provides an ultra-soft feel that is as gentle as a cloud. Its smooth texture helps to decrease unwanted pressure on sensitive eye areas, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.


Choose between Metal Grey and soft Blush Pink. Each Silky Sleep Mask comes with a dedicated and matching silk carrier pouch for easy storage when not in use.


Together, this perfect, sleepy duo aims to be the gateway to your best sleep ever! Wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized, and glowing!


Deep Sleep Mask Set

RM 188.00 Harga Biasa
RM 168.00Harga Jualan
  • Deep Sleep Blend (10ml)

    Ingredient: *Lavender Bulgaria (Lavandula Augustifolia), **Dark Aged Petitgrain (Citrus x aurantium), Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), *Rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)*Organic **Wildcrafted


    Purpose: Aids sleep difficulties. Helps induces sleep, relieve stress and bring calmness to body and mind. Also helps soothe anxiousness and symptoms of anxiety.


    Scent: Floral top notes with low herbal under tones


    Method of Usage: Use a drop or 2 on pillow/tissue and inhale deeply. Diffuse a few drops 20 minutes before bedtime. Suitable for most skin types. Dilution of between 2-3% to favourite massage/carrier oils. Recommend usage together with relaxation breathing techniques to further enhance efficacy and effectiveness.


    Skin Type: All skin types


    Silk Sleep Eyemask Material:

    • 100% Mulberry Silk 22 Momme *double sided
    • 6A Top Grade Silk
    • Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100
    • PP cotton *inner lining


    Mask Size (One Size): 

    • Minimum circumference: 20-23cm
    • Width: 9-11cm


    Colours: Metal Grey, Blush Pink

    *please note that actual colour might differ slightly to pictures provided.


    Skin type: All skin types


    Method of usage: Gently slip Silky Sleep Mask over eyes. Adjust elasticated straps to ensure it is not twisted for a comfortable fit.



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