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Hazelnut carrier oil is an excellent light to medium weight moisturizing oil that softens skin with astringent properties and generous squalene content. High in oleic acids (75%) and small amounts of linoleic acid (11%). Naturally occuring tannins in oil stimulates skin ciruclation and its astringent properties help treat oily or acne prone skin. Also may help treat veins by reducing and shrinking size and visibility on skin surface. Does not leave any residue as it is non-sticky. Penetrates skin surface well. Firms and restores skin texture as it contains high levels of oleic acid, linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid. Also a popular choice for massage base oils and in skincare formulations.

Hazelnut Oil

HargaDaripada RM 62.00
  • Ingredient: Corylus aveliana

    Method of extraction: Cold Pressed

    Skin Type: Suitable for all especially large pores, acne prone and oily skin conditions

    Scent: Mild scent and yellow in colour.

    Method of Usage: Safe for direct skin application without dilution. Add to essential oil blends and apply to skin/hair or use as base for massage oils mixes and skincare formulations.

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