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Osmanthus flower oil blend, a light floral-fruity scent with hints of honey makes for a luxurious and relaxing skin application. A blend of light weight,skin hydrating, quick-absorbing oils, suitable for daytime use without oily residue. This is a choice oil blend for new comers to natural skincare as it is non greasy, smells amazing and is suitable for most skin types especially for those with skin issues such as pimples, skin irritations and inflammations. A versatile oil to use on its own or to as an addition to your regular skincare routine. 

Osmanthus Flower, Light Hydrating Oil

HargaDaripada RM 69.00
  • Skin type: 

    All skin types


    Squalane (Olive Oil), Osmanthus flower (Osmanthus fragrans Lour), Vitamin E


    A relaxing, light tea, floral-fruity scent with hints of honey and dried fruit notes


    Light oil density. No sticky residue.

    Method of usage: 

    Light to mid oil density. Suitable for disturbed skin types. Massage in light upward strokes before moisturizer or apply on its own. Start with 2-3 drop or as required. Add your favourite essential oil to the mix for added therapeutic and skincare benefits. When using with other skincare, it is advisable to apply oil after toner/water based products but before creams/lotions.

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