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Roller bottles or roll on bottles are a simple, quick skin application method useful for people on the go or want an easy and mess free application of their essential oils and carrier oils. Store them in places  such as your bedside table,  bathroom drawer/counter, handbag or purse, your work table or meditation room. Roll on your favourite blend for relief and relaxation.

Roll On Travel Size Glass Bottle (2pcs)

SKU: BO-19/21
HargaDaripada RM 10.00
  • Materials:

    Cover: Hard Plastic Cover

    Body: Amber Glass Body

    Roller: Stainless Steel Roller Ball

    Method of Usage: 

    Remove stainless steel roller ball top and drop oils into bottle with a pipette accordingly.

    *For safe dilution rates, kindly proceed to, "dilution chart" under the tab, "about" on website.



  • Roll on bottles are cylindrical shaped and have to potential to roll off tabletops. This product is made from glass and may shatter upon being in contact with hard surfaces. Ensure that stainless steel ball top is capped on properly to avoid spillage. It is good practise to ensure that essential oils are diluted with carrier oils in correct ratios prior to skin application. 

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