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Ginger root is a popular South East Asian spice known for its therapeutic warming abilities. As a natural tonic to support a healthy digestive system as it helps ease flatulence and digestive issues. An anti-septic oil that boosts compromised immune systems and supports proper lung function (ie. colds/flu) and scalp issues. Alleviates motion sickness and feelings of nausea. Its warming effects eases flatulence, sprains, joint pains and muscle aches.


Hijau Philosophy's ginger root oil is extracted via CO2. The end result is a concentrate, rich and deep scent reminiscent of freshly cut ginger root. A must have oil to add to your essential oil collection.

Ginger Root (CO2)

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  • Ingredient: Zingiber officinalis
    Country of origin: Indonesia/India
    Plant parts: Roots
    Method of extraction: CO2
    Cultivation method: Traditional 
    Certified: Yes
    Skin type: All skin types
    Scent: A strong and warmimg, spicy, herbaceous yet refreshing aroma. Dark orange-brown, slightly thick in consistency.
    Method of usage: A safe ,non-toxic oil best used in small proportions. Add a maximum of 1% to base oils/creams/lotions (please refer to Skin Dilution Chart) for skin application purposes. Diffuse between 1-3 drops (every 100ml of water) and enjoy its relaxing and calming effects. Blends well with ylang ylang, frankincense, neroli, rose and citrus scents.

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