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Ho wood essential oil, compared to rosewood in scent and often considered a, "peaceful" oil for its calming, relaxing and anti-anxiety properties. An excellent oil for respiratory issues such as sinus, skin conditions such eczema and acne, closed wounds and cuts. Ho wood is not to be confused with “ravintsara oil" although extracted from same tree.

Ho Wood (Peaceful Oil)

SKU: EO-183
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  • Ingredient: Cinnamomum camphora
    Country of origin: China
    Plant parts: Wood
    Method of extraction: Distilled
    Cultivation method: Traditional 
    Certified: Yes
    Skin type: All skin types
    Scent: Floral, fresh camphorous top notes with a woody base scent. Its aroma and properties are very similar to Rosewood Oil. Pale yellow to yellow colour.
    Method of usage: The camphor content results in a cooling feeling when used topically. Add 1-3% to base oils/creams for face/body. Diffuse between 3-4 drops (every 100ml of water) and enjoy its benefits. Blend with lavender and diffuse to promote deep relaxation. Also blends well with woods, floral and citrus based oils.

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