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Jojoba carrier oil is extracted from a drought-resistant plant that grows in semi-desert places. This fruit from the jojoba plant is considered a liquid wax ester. It looks and seems much like liquid oil but behaves like wax. Indegenious people use the extracts to treat various skin conditions such as sores, cuts, bruises, burns and haircare. Popular choice for skin care base oils as it mimics collagen and has an exceptional  ability to control water loss. This helps promote softer skin and hair. Highly penetrative therefore does not leave any residue or clog pores and is non-sticky. Firms and restores skin texture with its high levels of vitamin E. Also contains a balance of oleic acid and linoleic acid. 

Jojoba Oil (Organic)

HargaDaripada RM 64.00
  • Ingredient: Simmondsia chinensis, Organic

    Method of extraction: Cold Pressed

    Cultivation type: Organic

    Skin Type:Suitable for all skin types especially skin with particular needs for nourishment and inflammations. A preferred choice for babies and people with nut and seed allergies. Jojoba is 97% wax and contains many nutritional properties such as long -chain essential fatty acids.

    Method of Usage: Slight nutty scent and yellow in colour. Safe for direct skin application without dilution. Add to essential oil blends. Apply to skin/hair or use as base for massage oils  mixes.


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